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If the world were to stop spinning COVER

Eight (8) of my speculative poems were published for the first time
in 2014. These poems are all eligible for the Aurora Award and the
Rhysling Award.

The poems I wish to put forward for the various awards are:

"The Perfect Library" for the Aurora Award, category: Best Poem/Song.
"The Perfect Library" for the Rhysling Award, category: Long Poem.
"Short Forms" for the Rhysling Award, category: Short Poem.
"Death Smile" for the Swarf Stars competition (poems 10 lines or fewer).

The Perfect Library - DOC - PDF

Short Forms - DOC - PDF

Death Smile - DOC - PDF

Early Man - DOC - PDF

The Lady in White - DOC - PDF

The Machine - DOC - PDF

Tin Man - DOC - PDF

You, the Dark Wood - DOC - PDF


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This poem finished second for the 2014 Aurora Award - Best Poem/Song:

A City of Buried Rivers - PDF | .DOC


 2013 Aurora Award - Best Poem/Song:

A sea monster tells his story - PDF | .DOC


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Postage Rates - PDF | DOC updated to August 03, 2014

Postage Weights  - PDF | .DOC


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